Top10 Monuments of Arad – The end of the survey

As you know, in mid 2014, the Arad Free Tours team launched a challange for the Arad’s citizens and for the tourists who wisited the city. To be specific, we launched a survey in which they could vote ten of the mos representative monuments for our town. After several months in which you could vote your favorite monuments in Arad, we collected 1444 votes and at the end of the post we will publish the list with the ten sights located on the first places. As we said, we will promote these ten monuments on our site and we will make sure that they will be included in the tours offered by our team.

We would like to thank you for helping us improve the services we offer you!

  1. The Arad Fortress – 123 votes
  2. The City Hall – 122 votes
  3. Palace of Culture – 107 votes
  4. The State Theatre – 105 votes
  5. Saint Anthony of Padua Church – 97 votes
  6. The Red Church – 94 votes
  7. The Railway Station – 84 votes
  8. The Water Tower – 79 votes
  9. The Reconciliation Park – 57 votes
  10. Moise Nicoara National College – 57 votes


Arad Free Tours wants to promote the town of Arad, along with its history and cultural heritage, wanting to offer the tourists a varied number of free, quality tours. We want to encourage local tourism and to become an innovative reference on the local non- profit service market. We would like to unite with all those who are interested in local tourism, at a public or private level, and to contribute to the relaunching of quality tourism in Romania.

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