December 25, 2016


A few years ago we started realizing how beautiful our small city is and what a rich history it has. Also, we noticed that the local authorities do not really care about its tourism, although Arad is placed on the IVth Pan-European Corridor (kind of Route 66 of Europe) and could attract a lot of tourists from the ones who travel on this important roadway.

That’s why we, a group of young (and awesome!) guys, decided to do something for the city. In 2013, we started planning about making a Free Tours project in Arad. First, we started gathering in pubs do discuss about the concept of free tours, which already was popular worldwide, and after a few meetings we decided it was time to make a move.

In June, the same year, we launched Arad Free tours, a project born from the city’s need of touristic guides and from our will of sharing our love for the town and knowledge of its history. Before starting to make tours, we had a small and lovely training on local history, basic architecture and communication skills. Also, we’ve stuffed our minds with fun facts about Arad, and now we are ready to welcome our visitors.

Since 2013 we had tours with hundreds of people from all over the world, from every continent (still, no one from Antarctica. Yet!) and we are still counting! All you have to do if you want a tour in Arad is to write us or call us and we’ll be yours for two hous. As easy as that!