Foreigners about Arad: Mohammad Al-Omoush from Jordan

12791082_1277198628976251_6070727970745040504_nHello! I am Mohammad Al-Omoush from Jordan. Since I arrived to Arad, I’ve had a very good time, even though I haven’t heard a lot of things about Romania before coming here. The people here are really nice and kind, smiling at you even if you are a stranger. I’m currently a volunteer in Arad in a project involving old people. They don’t speak English but they still want to make me feel comfortable by trying to talk to me in English. This way, they motivated me to learn Romanian. I’m a person who likes to travel and I’ve seen a lot of beautiful places, but Arad earned a special place in my heart because it has really nice buildings like the City Hall, which has a wonderful architecture, but also great places to spend your spare time, like Atrium Mall (where there is a bar with Arabic Sheesha) or the park on the river bank, where you can relax or do sports. Arad is 3 hours away from Budapest, being located very close to the Hungarian border. The weather here is usually better than the weather in other parts of Romania, especially starting from the last days of March. Arad has very delicious ice cream, in a shop near the lake, where I went a lot of times after I arrived here, in August 2014. The lake area is a green spot in the center of the city and if you like nature, you have to visit it. Finally, I would recommend taking a tour of the city with “Arad Free Tours” to anyone who loves nature, historical buildings with beautiful architecture and nice people.



Arad Free Tours wants to promote the town of Arad, along with its history and cultural heritage, wanting to offer the tourists a varied number of free, quality tours. We want to encourage local tourism and to become an innovative reference on the local non- profit service market. We would like to unite with all those who are interested in local tourism, at a public or private level, and to contribute to the relaunching of quality tourism in Romania.

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