Everything has to start somewhere; it’s our time now!

Hello, world! I’m glad that after several months of work on the project and a week of work at site, we managed to launch the site and the project as well. Now we will communicate with you through the Facebook page and “Blog” section on this website. The site informates you about who we are and what we offer you and is being updated daily.

You can learn more about the tours we offer in the “Sightseeing Tours“, located on the homepage. About the project team and our mission, you can find out more by visiting “AFT & Team” page, found in the main menu of the site. If you want to book a place and let us know that you want to attend one of our tours, you find the “Booking” page as well on the home page and in the main menu of the site.


To find out who our partners are, visit the “Partners” section found in the main menu of the site. As well you can find in the main menu the “Contact” page where you’ll see the email address that where you can write us.

We hope that our team will not disappoint you and we organize tours will please you. We are a relatively young team, with fancy work and passion for what we do, so you will feel very good part in one of our tours.

The team



Arad Free Tours wants to promote the town of Arad, along with its history and cultural heritage, wanting to offer the tourists a varied number of free, quality tours. We want to encourage local tourism and to become an innovative reference on the local non- profit service market. We would like to unite with all those who are interested in local tourism, at a public or private level, and to contribute to the relaunching of quality tourism in Romania.

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