Arad Clean Tours

Arad Free Tours turns into Arad Clean Tours. If the situation demands, we reshape ourselves. For 4 years, through Arad Free Tours, we’ve passionately been promoting Arad, with its cultural and historical inheritance. We have gone, together with the tourists, through tours filled with stories and we have imagined ourselves what would’ve been like if Read more about Arad Clean Tours[…]

The Green Arrow and Arad’s Wine Road

When talking about Arad, one of the main tourist attractions which should come in mind is  the first electrified railroad in Romania and eastern Europe and “Sageata verde” (“The Green Arrow”), the train which served this line for almost a century. Unfortunately, not many people know this important feature of Arad, mainly because it is Read more about The Green Arrow and Arad’s Wine Road[…]

The Arad Confectionery Museum – a unique museum in Romania

Arad Confectionery has a rich history, something known by very few people. This shows that Arad has excelled in all areas. The old guild of pastry cooks had around 17 master confectioners in the interwar period, including Konizdofler, Drifi, Suciu, Malka, Klementz, Ramniceanu, Orban and others. I wonder how many of you know that in Read more about The Arad Confectionery Museum – a unique museum in Romania[…]

Top10 Monuments of Arad – The end of the survey

As you know, in mid 2014, the Arad Free Tours team launched a challange for the Arad’s citizens and for the tourists who wisited the city. To be specific, we launched a survey in which they could vote ten of the mos representative monuments for our town. After several months in which you could vote Read more about Top10 Monuments of Arad – The end of the survey[…]

“Volunteering for their city”. Mediafax article about our project

Mediafax is the biggest media company in Romania headquartered in Bucharest and founded in 1991. The one who asked us for this interview was the Mediafax correspondent in Arad, Marian Buga. They’re all young, some of them still studying and some of them not even living in Arad, but they are all kept together by Read more about “Volunteering for their city”. Mediafax article about our project[…]

Arad and the communism: the violence of the RPC sympathizers

*RCP = Romanian Communist Party The communism legitimized its power in the year 1946, by controling the elections. With this campaign, the communists sought to increase their popularity within the voting mass, thus ensuring their success. One of the communist’s main goals was to denigrate the political parties in the eye of the public opinion. Read more about Arad and the communism: the violence of the RPC sympathizers[…]

The spring with „Martisoare”

Martisor is a Romanian celebration at the beginning of spring, on March the 1st. According to the old calendar this date was also considered as the beginning of the new year. It also means life and continuity, that’s why it is symbolically correlated to women and fertility. This tradition is authentic in Romania and Moldova, Read more about The spring with „Martisoare”[…]