August 6, 2013

Our Team

11825968_1061085207248410_1721595898949429233_nM A R I O   C S I P A I | Founder, Guide

Born and raised in Arad, holds a bachelor’s degree in tourism, two master’s degrees – one in finance and one in modern languages. He worked in Romania and abroad as a manager for an international restaurant chain. Right now, he works in the hotel industry.


E U G E N   R O G O J A N | Project Manager, Guide

Born in Arad, living in a town 25 kilometers away from it, he’s been “in love” with the city since he started highschool. He has a site through which he promotes cultural events in Arad and he’s been writing all kinds of articles in a few magazines.

10402856_1008396409235762_4415918920462450762_nV L A D I M I R   C R I S T E A | Guide

Vladimir was born in Arad, as a grandson of Milos Cristea, one of the most famous architects who lived in Arad during the 21st century, so he inherited the interest for this city from his family. He speaks English and German, and he’s always willing to learn new languages.

M I H A I   G A L E11886192_1033683449996857_1752491517945584954_o | Guide

He’s a medicine student here in Arad and he’s always been interested in Arad’s history. The part of local history he likes the best is the history of our former Jewish community.


V L A D   C R I S A N | Guide, Legal Advisor

Born in Arad, he worked as a lawyer here in the city for a few years. Right now he’s workink in the IT industry, at a company in Timisoara. He’s also one of the founding members of the Alternative Tourism Association.


E N D R E   P A S E K | Guide

He’s working in the Tourism industry, at the same hotel as Mario. Almost since the beginning of our project he has been part of the team and since last year he’s also one of the founding members of the Alternativ Tourism Association.



Arad Free Tours wants to promote the town of Arad, along with its history and cultural heritage, wanting to offer the tourists a varied number of free, quality tours. We want to encourage local tourism and to become an innovative reference on the local non- profit service market. We would like to unite with all those who are interested in local tourism, at a public or private level, and to contribute to the relaunching of quality tourism in Romania.

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